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(Last Updated On: February 17, 2020)

Charkhal, Ktm
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R.S Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is a trading company that was established in 1995. It is one of the leading distributors of mattress, pillows, bedsheet, blankets, towels, laminate flooring and is associated with many other products for hotels, business and consumers.

R.S Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is the sole official distributor of Sleepwell Mattress and Egger Laminate Floorings in Nepal. They are also distributors of Tulip Products.

The company provides range of products for the hotel and consumer segment. It is associated with various premium products whether it be duet, memory foam , mattress protectors, etc. Anyone who feels and looks at them are mesmerized. We are determined to provide the best quality of product available at prices unmatched in the market.

Sleepwell continually strives towards attaining a perfect balance between latest technological advancements with the demands and luxuries of the modern consumer. Our strength is not just dependent on a range of futuristic offerings for various consumer and industrial applications but is also a result of the trust and security that our customers have invested in us over the last four decades.

Sleepwell is a flagship brand of the Sheela Group, India’s leading manufacturer of Polyurethane foam and an ISO 9001 certified company. It has 12 state of the art manufacturing units, a strong support of 100 distributors and over 5000 dealers around the world. Its P.U. Foam is used in industries like Automobiles, Shoes, Garments, Packaging and many others.

Sleepwell Mattress Range:

Premium Technology Products :
Posturetech : Posturetech offers State of the Art Pillow Top with a large number of Micro Springs in combination with Responsive Memory Foam which increase the points of contact with the body, enhancing pressure point relief for a well cushioned sleep.

Nexa : A new generation mattress, Nexa, comes with a Responsive Memory Foam ensuring a good night’s sleep.

Impressions : New Impressions offers Unique Profiling on its comfort layers. NASA’s Visco Elastic Material ensures a correct sleeping posture, reduces pressure points and enhances blood circulation.

Sleepwell My Mattress :
‘My Mattress’ is a unique concept that has been launched for the first time in the Indian mattress market, aimed at enabling a customer to conveniently choose his preferred sleeping surface. It is a fusion of technology and buying convenience that gives a distinctive edge to our My Mattress series.

My Mattress Range: The My Mattress Range consists of Crescent, Esteem, Premia, Dignity, Inspire, Admire and Activa.

Back Support Range :
A range exclusively designed for consumers who desire a surface that cares for their spine and back. The range consists of Spinetech Air Luxury, Spinetech Air, Durafirm and Spinebond.

Sleepwell Perfect Match:
We understand the truth that every human body is different and one needs a mattress that matches the body posture, weight and pressure distribution. But how does one find the right mattress? Through world-class technology, we have created the Sleepwell Sensobed that can do just that. Installed at Sleepwell World/ Gallery, it helps to find the Perfect Mattress for the customer.

Sleepwell Sensobed helps the customer find his Perfect Match in 4 simple steps :

Step 1. Mapping of body structure and weight distribution.

Step 2. Measurement of body weight and pressure distribution.

Step 3. Scientific analysis of body support and comfort requirements.

Step 4. Customised processing to recommend The Perfect Match mattress.

The Perfect Match Range : The Perfect Match Range consists of Aspiration, Expression, Imagination, Aspiration Plus, Expression Plus and Imagination Plus.

Unique Health Fresh Advantage:
While providing world class products we do not ignore the important aspect of healthy living. Customers who choose Sleepwell do not have to be concerned about harmful organisms that can breed in the mattress posing a serious risk to the health and well being of their families. All our mattresses are treated with Health Fresh, a state of the art treatment that prevents harmful dust mites, fungi, and bacteria from breeding and builds a protection for healthy living throughout the life of the product. The prevention of dust mites is a boon to asthmatics as it helps in reducing asthma attacks. This revolutionary treatment in comfort products is available exclusively in India with Sleepwell only.

Sleepwell Pillows and Comfort Accessories :
The wide range of Sleepwell pillows not only make your sleep comfortable, but also provide firm yet gentle support to the head and neck. The entire spectrum offers a wide choice of materials, shapes and sizes to cater to various requirements. Superior technology and finest materials are what set these pillows apart from the rest. From special pillows with neck support to the most comfortable of bolsters, Sleepwell brings forth a selection that everyone can use and appreciate.

Sleepwell Pillow Range:

Premium Pillows : Natura, Indulgence, Curves, Emotions and Neck Care.

Flexi PUF Pillows : Prima and Norma.

Fibre Pillows : Harmony, Vibes, Adore and Umang.

Bolsters and Back Cushions.

Mattress Protectors : Armour and Shield.

Sleepwell Furniture Cushioning Range :
Sleepwell introduces an innovative range of Furniture Cushioning Products that promise lasting comfort, support and durability. Cushioning is the most important element for furniture such as Sofa Sets, Chairs etc. Our quality cushions not only enhance comfort and durability but also enrich the aesthetics. All our Furniture Cushioning Products are treated with world renowned technologies like Health Fresh which prevents breeding of dustmites and bacteria and SANtech, an advanced technology which enhances firmness and breathability for ultimate comfort and support.

Sleepwell Furniture Cushioning Range :

Cool Gel-S : Cool Gel-S 32, Cool Gel-S 40 and Senses.

Resitec : Royalty and Embrace.

Primo : Satin, Velvet, Memory and Primo 28D, 32D, 40D and 50D.

Sofa N Bed.

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