Nepal Construction & Engineering Corporation Pvt. Ltd. (NCEC)

(Last Updated On: February 7, 2023)

Battishputali, Ktm
Tel 4469898, 4474898, 4472898

Nepal Construction and Engineering corporation Pvt.Ltd and (NCEC) is a six  decade old enterprise operating in Nepal with business interest in channel distribution and agency, engineering and business consultancy, financial , hospitality infrastructure and energy sector.

We deliver efficient engineered products such as compressors and air treatment systems, construction & mining equipment, tunneling jumbos and road rollers, cranes and assembly systems in Nepal from all across the globe.

And, we invest in areas that create value to our customers, our employees, our environment, our society, our partners and our shareholders.

Nepal is changing, and we have the ambition to become a leader in what we do in Nepal.

We believe in a “Sustainable Partnership”

We drive our vision by engaging with our employees by investing in human resource development leading to higher productive team with efficient skills. This is key to retaining our human resources and maintaining a long relation with our customers. After it is all about people!

We select partner companies that have a strong tradition of innovation and investment in R&D. These companies manufacture amongst the best products in their category globally and are market leaders in their service sector. This helps us in branding ourselves as dependable.

We have a transparent financial reporting system allowing our government to generate the due revenue as taxes from the profits that we earn. We are amongst the oldest taxpayers in Nepal. We maintain high moral grounds.

Our promise is strong: “ putting quality first “We give back to our society through CSR programs, the IndraMani- TankaKumari Rajbhandari Trust. We aim to preserve the culture of Nepal thus engage heavily in societies that promote education and cultural understanding.”

We are committed to providing our customers’ expectations with a quality product. We have partnered with brands that are best in what they manufacture industry-leading quality and reliability in performance, companies that rank high on innovation and invest heavily in research and development.

Keeping customer’s investment in our products, we invest in our people developing them to be customer oriented. We work hard to create employees that committed to providing dedicated services to each customer. We are trying to create a working culture that is service minded and action-oriented, with a strong devotion to customers.

We can achieve our promise by choosing the correct partner who manufacturer the correct product and we deliver the correct service by an employee the correct people and investing in our human resource capital – all which make part our core strategies.

We achieve our vision and values with the core strategies that we have learnt and adopted over the last six decades.

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