(Last Updated On: December 20, 2019)

Regd Office GPO Box133, Jyoti Bhawan, Kantipath
Tel 4225230,4225490, 4226327, 4226530
Fax 977-1-4268188, 4226314
E-mail pjyoti@himal.mos.com.np
Web www.jyotigroup.org.np
Fac Parwanipur, Birjung
Tel 051-580404, 580082
Fax 977-51-580053
Web www.jyotigroup.org.np

Products: Himal Steel bars for reinforcement IS 1786, 456, BS

1144, BS 4449, CP 114, BA 1968, DIN 1045, DIN 488 – Mild steel, TOR steel dia 8-14 mm, TOR-kari Steel dia 7-10.5 mm.

Himal Iron and Steel (P) Ltd was established in 1961. It has since emerged as a pioneering force in Nepal’s iron and steel industry. The company began with the production of plain bars and subsequently led the nation into self sufficiency in the reinforced steel industry. Today it proudly celebrates its 50 years Golden Jubilee, a rare example for Nepalese companies.

Himal Iron and Steel (P) Ltd produces cold twisted Torsteel bars (licensed from Tor-Isteg Steel Corporation Luxembourg) and high strength TMT Tempcore bars (licensed from Centre de Rechaerche Metallurgiques (CRM) Belgium. Himal Iron and Steel (P) Ltd is renowned among its consumers for its high quality products, innovative features and customer friendly marketing.


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