Agni Equipment Pvt. Ltd.

(Last Updated On: December 20, 2019)

Bagdole, Ltp
Tel 5191364, 5191365
Sales 9801116259, 9801116283, 9801116285, Serv. 9801116286

Agni Equipment Pvt. Ltd. is the sole authorized distributor in Nepal for the several tools and equipment such as MILWAUKEE, BLACK MAX, HUSQVARNA, DSI and CIFA. The core business of the firm is the field of Tools & Equipment (Sales, Spares & Service) for the purpose of Construction & Demolition, Tunneling and Automotive industry. In the field of construction, the company focus on multi-level solutions for compaction, flooring, cutting, grinding and primary concrete placement items.

In terms of secondary construction requirement, it supplies hand or power tools and machines for carpentry, plumbing, metal works and other installations. Demolition tools are also a major part of the company portfolio. It also supplies niche and specialized equipment for tunnel/underground works, mainly for ground stabilization, roof support, and concrete utility equipment. For the automotive and other similar industry, it provides tools and utilities for engine repair and maintenance, body work and accessories.

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